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Completely a working model based on true affiliations. We do everything right from handling customer queries till the quality services delivered. Our Affiliate program is free to join and requires only passion and not technical knowledge. Join us today and we are there to make it BIG.

Reasons to partner with Telserra


When you sign up for the Telserra Affiliate Program you will receive a Referral link from Telserra that you can share through an ad media, Facebook post, on your blog or a tweet – however you choose, You'll earn income for every customer who purchases from telserra.com through this Referral link.

Attract new leads with our free resources

  • Marketing Materials

    We’ve created banners, templates, and handouts for you to help your promotions.

  • Monthly Newsletters

    Our Affiliate Newsletter outlines new features, upcoming events, and recommended reading.

  • Telserra Affiliate Dashboard

    Your dashboard lets you see exactly how much money you’re making, when your next payment is, and how many clicks you’ve generated.

  • Industry-leading conversion rates

    We have some of the highest conversion rates in our industry. Partner with us and have confidence that you’re getting the most from your site traffic.


To become our Affiliate email us at affiliate@telserra.com


Telserra Affiliate Network system does not guarantee that you will make any money from your use or promotion of our products and services.

Your success depends on your own work ethic and other factors that may or may not be mentioned here. Income examples on our promotional materials for illustrations purposes only.