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Online faculty innate with students through email, message boards, online "blackboards," chat rooms or, in some cases, virtual reality platforms and software rather than face-to-face. Their students could be around the country or the world.

Online faculty effectively translate traditional course material in ways that are understood in the online environment, because they can't rely on eye contact or other facial cues to determine whether students are understanding and maintaining interest in a lesson.

Some online instructors post video or audio lectures and other multimedia reference material online, as well as provide easily downloadable text materials. We have specialised some courses that all students attend a chat room at the same time and hear, see or read a faculty's words simultaneously, with live discussion via message board. Few other courses don’t have any shared ‘real time’, but provide material to students that can downloaded and study at their own pace.

Online faculty are expected to promptly answer students' emails and message board questions, as this is the only form of access students have to faculties. Papers and other assignments are transmitted digitally between faculty and student. Needless to say, anyone who is desperate about an online faculty career must be comfortable with computers, Internet technology and, increasingly, social and mobile media.

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Dream Aspiration Transform from expert to instructor and get recognized for what you are skilled and specilaised. You can coach the best way you like.
Create Flexible One of the greatest advantages of being an online instructor is the flexibility you’ll experience. You can prepare your coursework anytime, day or night.
Teach Guide Reach millions of students worldwide in the largest online learning edustation and deliver your course on any device, at any time.
Earn Income serious and regular income and build your personal brand, all while making a real difference in the lives of students.